5 scary Halloween items that are 3D printed

25 Oct 2016
Custom grave stones

It’s almost Halloween. Kids yelling “Trick or treat”,  scary costumes, decorated houses or carved pumpkins; not a very common sight in our streets. The occasional costume party or that one strange neighbor that hangs a skeleton out his window. That pretty much sums up Halloween in Belgium..

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Text Jewelry – Beyond the Carrie Necklace

17 Oct 2016

When Sex and the City first aired in 1998 , Sarah Jessica Parker’s character stood out because of her impeccable sense of style and her unique personality. One item that lasts throughout all 6 seasons and that made women green with envy : The Carrie Necklace.

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Makersleeve launches a line of beautifully designed sleeves

08 Oct 2016

Makersleeve is the first sleeve for smart devices that can be made on demand, anywhere in the world, by anyone. Designed following the belief that no products should be mass produced, but created specifically for each customer in exactly the way you need it.

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Customize diamonds with 3D printing

04 Oct 2016
Swarovski Ring_test

Diamonds are forever – especially when they are unique. For many people, jewelry is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd, and often make for a “statement piece”. This results in an object that is destined to be customized, because personality is key when it comes to fashion.

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BENTOOK launches along with J3W3L, a customizable product line for personal bracelets.

22 Jul 2016
BENTOOK launches along with J3W3L, a customizable product line for personal bracelets.

The product brand J3W3L recently launched on Bentook, an e-commerce customization platform for design products. This is the first one of many product ranges to come! J3W3L products enable you to create a beautiful personalized bracelets with 1 to 3 charms. You can choose between 6 different charms, all available in high gloss silver and gold.

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The relevance of 3D customization for DIY

03 May 2016

We have always been a big fan of Do-It-Yourself stores simply because with some wood, nails and other tools you can build and create things that are exactly matched to your needs and wishes. It is customization at its finest. And it’s been around for ages! In this digital age many more technologies are becoming available to push the boundaries of DIY. Developments

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Twikit on the move!

14 Apr 2016
Twikit office view

The last months were a real rollercoaster at Twikit: new projects, new developments, new Twikit team members (more on that later). In order to give all of this space, we went in search of a new office. And we found one! We feel right at home in our new offices. You can now find us at

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Is 3D printing expensive?

17 Mar 2016
Mr Maria

We often get the question whether 3D printing is expensive. And as is so often the case, the answer is more complicated than just simply a yes or no. Many variables and different scenarios apply. It depends on the materials that are used, the size of the object, number of copies you need and the

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Let’s meet up at Baselworld 2016

15 Mar 2016
Twikit customization jewelry

The Twikit team is gearing up to go to Baselworld 2016 and we would love to meet you there! Learn more about online 3D customization for the jewelry industry and find out what it could mean for your business! Contact us if you’d like to meet up and learn more about our solution and its endless

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The first 3D printed personalized shaver with Twikit 3D customization technology

26 Jan 2016

Do you want to give shape to the future of shaving? Philips offers the unique opportunity to create a customizable shaver. The 3D printed version will be available in a limited edition of 125 items. Consumers will be able to choose their own shape, accessory, dimension and colors. As a finishing touch, you can also place

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