What to look forward to at FormNext 2017: Unmissable Booths

Every year members of the Twikit team troop to FormNext in Frankfurt to check out the latest 3D printing news and developments.

13 Nov 2017
procedural generation

Procedural Generation – Mass Customization Monday #39

Last week we spoke to you about Generative Design and mass customization. This got us to thinking. Are there alternative trends that could replace generative design to make all the things? One we hit on is procedural generation. 

06 Nov 2017
generative design

Generative Design – Mass Customization Monday #38

Today we’re going to focus on Generative Design. We’ve noticed a significant uptick in people using the term generative design over the past months. Generative has a lot of overlap with mass customization. Generative design is the use of software and algorithms to evolve designs based on constraints.

30 Oct 2017
room configurator

From customized furniture to room configurators – Mass Customization Monday #37

One area where mass customization configurators are really taking off is in construction. In buildings, architecture but especially in windows and doors mass customization is emerging as a tool to let people choose products that they want and need.

23 Oct 2017
formnext twikit

Meet us @FormNext 14-17 november

The very next chance to meet us in person is at FormNext in Frankfurt am Main. We’ll present latest software upgrades of our famous twikbot engine and its latest applications.

19 Oct 2017
personalized cars

Personalized Cars – Mass Customization Monday #36

This week we will explore mass customization in automobiles. We spoke before about how we believe that 3D customization in cars will change how they are made and sold. Car personalization is already a significant industry.

16 Oct 2017
door configurator

Tailor-made door configurator for Portapivot with link to digital production

Portapivot is a Belgian brand, created and engineered by the designers of ANYWAY doors . Anyway doors were founded in 1995 and are specialized in high-end, custom-measure interior doors and wardrobe products. 

10 Oct 2017
custom phone case

Custom Phone Cases – Mass Customization Monday #35

For this weeks Mass Customization Monday we will be looking at mass customized mobile phone cases. The mobile phone accessory market is a bewildering arena with hundreds of thousands of companies.

09 Oct 2017
3d printed prosthetics

3D Printed Prosthetics – Mass Customization Monday #34

This week we’re going to be looking at biometric customization for medical applications as medicine is one of the most active areas in mass customization.

02 Oct 2017
biometric data

Biometric Data – Mass Customization Monday #33

This week we’re looking at biometric data and mass customization. Biometrics is the study of people’s personal physical and behavioral characteristics in order to identify and better understand them.

25 Sep 2017
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