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Our 2017 resolutions: pushing digital manufacturing to the next level.

For Twikit, New year’s resolutions go so much further than going to the gym or quit fastfood. Our team has every intend to transform our resolutions into actions. Which automatically transforms these into predictions (are you still following?).

Before you tell us to get off our high horse, we strongly recommend to read a bit further. And maybe 2017 isn’t ready for these 3 predictions, but we sure are:

1. More 3D printed shoes in 2017

Twikit design studio

Twikit design studio

2016 has been a great year for 3D printed shoe wear. We’ve looked into this already, and saw that a few major brands have been busy competing for the best 3D printed shoe. Brands such as Adidas, Under Armour and Reebok have already released their own limited editions with 3D printed shoes, focussing primarily on soles and midsoles.

We also expect these brands to take personalization further. Successful personalization campaigns such as NIKEiD and miAdindas served as early indicators of the power of personalization within the footwear industry. As brands continue to adopt this technology and its advancements, we can expect to see even more personalization innovation with 3D printed midsoles, outsoles, lacing, and upper design.

Furthermore, 3D foot scans are making it possible to accurately target both the professional athlete and hard-to-find-size sectors. 3D printing will allow designers to create soles in a faster and more innovative way as they no longer have to rely on molds. We also expect the industry will start exploring new and eco-friendly materials, as illustrated by Adidas’s latest use of recycled ocean plastics.

2. Digital manufacturing will enter the furniture market

Opensource laser cut SketchChair

The furniture market has been very traditional for a long time and we believe it’s time to inject it with some digital manufacturing power.

This goes further than just having a piece of furniture that fits your home and taste perfectly, the real advantage of taking furniture into 3D customization is the on-demand factor.

Imagine buying your furniture on-demand with one simple digital file, this allows your personalized piece of furniture to be created only when requested. That eliminates stock, complicated logistics and huge warehouses. In turn, this provides a significant environmental advantage. Overproduction of furniture is so 2016, and in our opinion no trees deserve being cut to maintain a huge and often unwanted offering.

We also predict that new materials will be further explored next year, if Ikea is already looking into this with knitting technology, other furniture brands will shortly follow.

Recent advancements in digital manufacturing have made new methods of personalization available through laser cutting, engraving and CNC. Every house is different, so why does furniture has to be? Applying 3D customization will create furniture that’s just right, original, and eco-friendly.

3. Case-modding is finally becoming more user-friendly. 

Twikit design studio

Twikit design studio

There’s no way to put it nicely, but most of the computer cases look boring. For this reason modifying your own computer case has become a very popular hobby for a lot of case modding enthusiasts

The popularity doesn’t solely lie with the aesthetcal reason, but also for functionally purposes case modding opens a lot of new possibilities. Users can change the exterior by tweaking the case or engineer interior parts to improve components such as the cooling (these things get hot during a gaming all-nighter).

Asus was already making an effort last year with “The ASUS 3D Printing Project”.  Owners who have 3D modeling skills can modify the appearance of their motherboard, they achieve this by sharing a series of .STL files in the forum where people can share their specific modifications.

Unfortunately not everyone has the skill to create an .STL file. We hope that this will change in 2017 and make computer modding more user-friendly. An easy-to-use configurator could solve all of this.

Is that all? 

This is just a grasp out of all the possibilities that digital manufacturing can enable in 2017, more will follow and we will keep you posted as always!

We can at least say that one of these three predictions will become reality very soon.. Can you guess which one?

Other plans for early 2017 from our side ;  We will launch our very own Manifesto, introduce more employees and welcome the Twikit Design Studio to our offering. Keep a close eye on our website for new content and inspiration!


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