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5 scary Halloween items that are 3D printed

It’s almost Halloween. Kids yelling “Trick or treat”,  scary costumes, decorated houses or carved pumpkins; not a very common sight in our streets. The occasional costume party or that one strange neighbor that hangs a skeleton out his window. That pretty much sums up Halloween in Belgium..

Or hold on, there is also the obligatory scary-movie on television or the Simpsons halloween special, but really that’s about it.

We think that is a terrible shame. Because Halloween is yet another reason to celebrate and dress up, and with All Saints (a public holiday !) the day after, there is no reason to skip this great tradition. Halloween is a holiday that screams for originality, and that is where 3D printing comes in. No better way to create a one-of-a-kind decoration of costume then with 3D printing technology. In need of some inspiration? Here are 5 scary 3D printed halloween items to put on your wish list.

1. A knife-free Lantern pumpkin 

Didn’t our parents teach us not to play with food? Well, then why mess up a real pumpkin ; just use a 3D printed version from Thingiverse. Looks even scarier than the real deal and causes a lot less knife-related accidents.

3D pumpkin

2. The scariest joker mask you’ll ever see. 

Yawn. A joker mask, real original; I can hear you thinking. But this isn’t your ordinary Joker mask. Scary doesn’t quite cut it with this insane looking 3D print. Go get yours on My Mini Factory.

Joker Mask

3. Delicious 3D printed Skull chocolates 

Take halloween candy to the next level with these 3D printed chocolate. Technically, only the mold is 3D printed which is later filled up with delicious chocolate. Is there a better way to combine a great Belgian tradition with an American one? You can learn more on how to make these here.

3D chocolate candy

4. Customizable grave stones. 

Make your own mini version of Père Lachaise in your front yard with these customizable grave stones. Let your imagination run wild and create original grave stones via this website.

Custom grave stones

5. Kylo Ren’s mask

Did you that know a lot of props from the new Star Wars movie are 3D printed? So is Kylo Ren’s mask. This Halloween, it is possible to look even scarier than his late grandfather. With the new Star Wars sequel that will come out in theaters soon, there is no better time to dress up in your favorite Star Wars villain. Create your own mask here.

Kylo Ren 's mask


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