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ACCENT launches a customizable 3D printed jewelry line in collaboration with Twikit.

ACCENT, a California based lifestyle brand has partnered with Twikit to offer customized accessories. The brand founded by Nanci Bergman, is a platform that enables people (and pets!) to create one of a kind accessories. ACCENT allows for true expression from the heart that is as individual as a finger print.


Customizable Inda-PENDANT & Charm

Prior to launching ACCENT Nanci spent her entire career in consumer products, working for both large companies and small start-ups. The challenge in these roles had always been trying to conceive, develop, sell, and promote that one product that will appeal to the most amounts of people. Then one day the light bulb went off:

“What if I looked at consumer products differently? What if it wasn’t all about mass production for the masses, but rather focusing on creating one singular product that is perfect for one person? What if I could leverage technology to create a unique customer experience, and at the same time remove the pain of traditional manufacturing processes? I launched ACCENT to do just that. It is a platform that utilizes Twikit’s customization software to allow individuals to create their own individual accessories that are 3D printed and delivered to their home.”


Add your own emoji to this choker. 

Nanci’s first collection, Emoji Jewelry, allows the designs to be personalized, previewed and ordered directly on the ACCENT website. Currently, clients can choose between a variety of emoji based pendants, chokers, rings and bracelets. New and even more exciting products will be added in the near future.


Or personalize this collar pendant

Once the client confirmed the personalized order, the unique piece is 3D printed on demand for the client specifically. The 3D printing technology applied for production is lost wax printing & casting.

This new collaboration between ACCENT and Twikit is a great example of the use of 3D printing to offer advanced and meaningful customization; allowing consumers to express themselves through unique pieces. We’re looking forward to seeing more such collaborations in the future!


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