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BAUNAT & Twikit lets you personalize high-quality diamond necklaces.

Diamonds are a girl best friend.. Especially when her name is written in the shiny and high-quality luxury stones. The Belgian company Baunat understands woman much longer than today and teamed up with Twikit for for their new line of personalized jewelry.  The necklaces can be customized trough their website, consisting of high quality 18K diamonds, and delivered to your doorstep in just 10 days. The perfect Valentine’s gift, made possible by the Antwerp alliance between Baunat and Twikit.

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As a technical partner, Twikit’s customization software enables personalizing quality diamonds in an elegant and efficient way, while maintaining the high quality standards of Baunat. Twikit’s software takes care of visualization so the end-customers see the end-result immediately on their screen, and connecting straight to the Baunat production facility.


Shari Supratno, Jewelry designer at Twikit:  “We were already very impressed by the high quality and service the fast growing company was delivering. They are an Antwerp landmark in the diamond industry, already being world renowned for their efforts in export and e-commerce. That’s why were very exited when we had the opportunity to implement our customization solution into their offering. With our help, Baunat can expand its reach even further. Our previous experience with other jewelry brands definitely helped to take this project to a next level. 

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BAUNAT is a Belgian brand which offers high quality diamond jewelry. Their philosophy is that ‘genuine beauty’ and ‘natural charm’ come from within and result from inner balance and and purity.

The best craftsmen of Belgium handcraft every piece of jewelry with noble materials. BAUNAT gathers some of the most renowned diamond manufacturers (4th generation) among its ‘founding fathers’, which puts the company in a unique position to select and buy polished diamonds.  By avoiding the middleman and offering the collections on-line, BAUNAT stands for an excellent priced diamond jewellery collection of exquisite quality.


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