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Belgian 3D company Twikit brings 3D customization to French retail


French leading retail chain Auchan starts with the offering of a full range of 3D customizable products that customers can personalize in-store with easy-to-use applications. Twikit delivers the core 3D customization software and is also responsible for product design of the full portfolio. Production happens at 3D printing specialist Materialise, based in Belgium.

These days, consumers are more and more searching for unique products with a story. Auchan seized this opportunity. The result of the collaboration is a fully equipped 3D customization booth, called Yoomake, which can be integrated in every Auchan hypermarket and commercial center.

 3D customization booth

“At Twikit, we really believe in this new way of creating and producing 3D customizable products, for all kinds of applications. That is why we created a user-friendly 3D customization application which allows customers to personalize their product in no time. We are proud to be a partner of Auchan for their customization concept”

– Martijn Joris, Co-founder Twikit –


In an in-store booth, customers of Auchan will be able to choose out of a portfolio of more than 50 base products, including jewels, decoration, gifts and more. By using the easy-to-use 3D web applications, customers can personalize the product by choosing colors, themes, accessories, adding personal messages and much more. Once they are finished, their unique item is automatically transferred to digital factories for production. The customers can pick up the product the week after.

Auchan Lille will be the first hypermarket to launch the 3D customization booth. The pilot went live on Monday, December 1. More booths will appear at other Auchan locations and touch points in 2015.



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Emmanuel Le Bouille
December 6th, 2014 at 2:36 pm

Fantastic idea to bring together complemantary competences to create a unique in-store experience; Welcome by customers has been great as it really meets a growing expectation towards 100% personalized & beautiful products; but without the hassle of complex technologie; Well done everyone at Twikit!


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