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custom consumer electronics

Custom Consumer Electronics – Mass Customization Monday #32

This week we taking a more in depth look at custom consumer electronics.

custom consumer electronics

At Twikit we’ve worked with Philips to use 3D printing and mass customization software to customize an electric shaver. In that project the shape and styling of the shaver was unique for every individual. Electronic devices such as cell phones, tools such as drills or remote controls could also be customized so that they perfectly fit your hand for example.

Computers and peripherals

PCs and Laptops are one of the most successful examples of an industry that very early on turned to a model where computers were built custom to order for the customer. From standard solutions laptops became “batch one” items where customers could select from thousands of options.

Consumers went even further by developing their own homemade PC case mods such as this Caffeine Machine that combines a PC case with a coffee maker.

custom consumer electronics

The below Atreus keyboard kit can be bought and completely customized by hand at home.custom consumer electronics

Gaming and entertainment

Gaming consoles are mostly standard affairs but lately more customization has been on offer.

custom consumer electronicsMicrosoft lets you Customize the colors of your Xbox controllers via their Xbox Design Lab.

custom consumer electronics
Custom consumer electronics: Nintendo lets Japanese consumers customize its Nintendo Switch consoles’ handle colors.

Another market where many consumer electronics can now be customized is through the corporate gifts market. USB sticks became almost ubiquitous branded gifts at trade fairs and other events. Now this market has applied logos to all manner of custom consumer electronics and other gifts and you can not only put your logo on the electronic device but also your customer’s name. Lately one can even get headphones made in the shape of one’s logo.
custom consumer electronics
Personalized headphones have been a big mass customization hit for a number of years now. Hundreds of thousands of high end headphones have been made that are an exact fit for the user. Coming from personalized In Ear Monitors for musicians and pilots these mass customized products have spread out to audiophiles and people at home. Using 3D printing, 3D scanning or molds made from wax these custom headphones are made to fit just one person.

custom consumer electronics

Electronic enclosures

One market where customization has been very popular is in enclosures. Enclosures for electronics were usually available in a few sizes. A proliferation in requirements (IP 6, RF shielding, medical grade etc.) and in consumer electronics OEMs meant however that increasingly suppliers were offering to customize electronics enclosures for them. Now graphics, colors, unique sizes can all be added to get truly unique cases.

custom consumer electronics

Hardware enclosures such as these from OKW can be completely customized.

Generally were seeing a lot of simple customization happening in consumer electronics. What we’d love to see would be more uniquely shaped devices that were build to fit one individual perfectly. Interested to go on a journey like that with us? Contact the Twikit team.


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