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Customize diamonds with 3D printing

Diamonds are forever – especially when they are unique. For many people, jewelry is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd, and often make for a “statement piece”. This results in an object that is destined to be customized, because personality is key when it comes to fashion.

For customization, 3D printing and jewelry are a perfect match. After being the 3D customization partner for jewelry brands like  J3W3L, Anne Zellien and Heart To Get,  Twikit is now bringing the jewelry customization solution to another level : Diamonds.

Twikit now offers the technology to deliver a customization experience for diamonds and jewelry: by creating our own diamond functionality in our software platform. We also put high focus on a realistic diamond visualization combined with customizing features such as material ring size and shape. As such, Twikit can now be a partner of any jewelry brand, from visualization to production .

Customizable jewelry is on the rise. Brands like Swarovski or Tiffany&Co are already experimenting with personalized collections to deliver the next jewelry experience. But with our newly designed functionality, we can now enable customization to these brands and many others.


It’s no coincidence that Twikit is a proud citizen of Antwerp, Diamond Capital of the world. Our knowledge of 3D customization combined with our expertise in jewelry, puts us in the perfect spot to be the ideal partner for diamond and jewelry customization.


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