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Design your dream car with 3D customization

Automotive and additive manufacturing has proven to be a dream marriage for some time now. Manufacturing car parts with customization technology is already booming, think about spare parts and car components. But why stop there?

Imagine buying your dream car. Spending hours designing and selecting every last detail to your own taste and liking.

Kopie van Car_1

Today you can already choose between a wide range of options. In the end though, the final product will never be unique. Look at the popularity of customized license plates the last few years, it’s clear that people desire their car to be one of a kind.

Think about adding your initials on the steering wheel or designing a glove compartment with separate spaces that fit your smartphone, lipstick, or water bottle. Think about ergonomics, some spend hours a day sitting in their car. Why not make the car seat fully compliant to your back and design your own ergonomic features? Possibilities are endless.


Using customization software for final part-manufacturing promises to push the boundaries in the current automotive landscape. Opposite to traditional methods this technology proves to be cheaper, faster and easier to produce customized parts. Custom, limited edition and mass-production are all possible scenarios in this story.



Technologies like 3D printing mobilizes an entirely new method of customizable shopping. Through our technology, the consumer is fully included in the whole design process. Anything from the exterior – such as customized car grills – to the interior details are options for tailor-made components.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.31.32 PM

At Twikit, we’ve developed full solutions that help automobile businesses integrate customizable 3D printed elements into their production flow. Integrating 3D printing into an existing process is complex, but we have all the in-house experience to facilitate this.

We focus on the interface and integration while being backed by our experienced design team. Moreover, the digital process allows the car design team to make updates much faster than before. Interested? Contact us!


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