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door configurator

Tailor-made door configurator for Portapivot with link to digital production

Portapivot is a Belgian brand, created and engineered by the designers of ANYWAY doors . Anyway doors were founded in 1995 and are specialized in high-end, custom-measure interior doors and wardrobe products. The products are offered as custom-made, self-assembly kits, designed for interior professionals, door installers and high-end carpenters.

  The portapivot 6530 XL 

The custom-build aluminium profiles are made to your coordinated measurements and shipped with the appropriate hardware accessories, such as pivot hinges, sliding door rails, door grips and all the necessary assembly and installation accessories.

3D door configurator

Portapivot partnered up with Twikit to digitalize and scale the production of their business model. Since our core is all about product customization and its digital production outputs for 3D printing and laser cutting, our software platform was a fit. Our collaboration resulted in an online configuration tool with all hardware options enlisted and configurable. The output parameters are universal and can be send to any local production facility in the world, enabling Portapivot to scale its business rapidly to other countries.

Experience the configurators here:

Portapivot 6530

Portapivot 6530 XL

door configuratorbrowser based door configurator running on an ipad

A B2B process simplified

The tool is primarily developed to help professionals determine and visualize the size, pivoting position and other technical aspects to fit within their interior project. After a configuration is set, our software platform generates the parameters for the specific request. The output parameters are compatible with the manufacturers’ software where the order proceeds automatically. Furthermore the platform can determine the cost of the project, giving the interior specialists an instant starting point for their margins.

Next level customer experience

Next to the back-end where technical parameters are generated and calculations for production are made, the front-end of our platform helps in engaging the end consumer. With live visualizations of different colours, materials, grip designs and grid layouts, the combination possibilities exceed any other form of catalogue. By using our software platform B2C, B2B and production processes got aligned.

door configurator


At Twikit, we’ve developed full solutions that helped our clients to integrate customizable elements into their production flow. While mastering to incorporate 3D printing and laser cutting into existing production flows, we grew strong in other production segments as well. Looking for an end to end solution for product customization and digital production? Contact us!

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