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The first 3D printed personalized shaver with Twikit 3D customization technology


Do you want to give shape to the future of shaving? Philips offers the unique opportunity to create a customizable shaver. The 3D printed version will be available in a limited edition of 125 items. Consumers will be able to choose their own shape, accessory, dimension and colors. As a finishing touch, you can also place your personal message on it. The shavers can be personalized, designed and ordered on

Twikit is the 3D customization partner for the 3D shaver limited edition, and therefore it runs on our software platform.

How does it work?

Users can personalize and create a shaver design on .

They can choose from two versions and customize these by choosing colors, adding text and changing the shape of the casing. This results in a fully unique personalized shaver.

When users proceed to checkout and pay, their unique design will be created as a digital 3D file. This file then travels to the 3D printers, which take care of producing the unique casing. Next, the casing is assembled, quality is checked and shipped to the consumer. This is a whole new way of product making.

The first 3D printed personalized shaver

See the Philips video here.

Read some press coverage here and here

At this moment market trials are the best way to explore the possibilities of customization for consumer electronic products.

“There is still a lot of research to be done but the time for market trials and customization research is now. Brands that consider mass customization need to be ready for a new way of working and install new processes to support this. We were happy to support Philips in their journey and continue working on improvements. Their expectations on quality and consumer easiness fully reflected our proposition.”


The first 3D printed personalized shaver


The first 3D printed personalized shaver


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