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Mr Maria Nightlamps

Introducing the world’s cutest 3D printed customizable lamps

Renowned Dutch design studio Mr Maria, known for their iconic Miffy XL lamp, and futuristic 3D company Twikit have joined hands to create a world-first, customizable lamp line-up.

Originating straight from Mr Maria’s fairy tale world, these customizable lamps are perfect for children’s bedrooms or romantic giveaways. The process to make this happen was co-developed by Mr Maria and Belgian 3D printing company Twikit. Each lamp is custom designed through a simple and intuitive 3D personalization application.

The lamps are characters featuring different cute personalities such as Nanuk the polar bear, a Japanese girl called Kokeshi and Leila the cheetah. You can design your very own cute night-lamp by choosing a color theme and/or matching accessories. Besides this you can add a personal touch by imprinting it with a text message, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Each customized lamp is printed in multicolor sandstone and finished by hand. The lamps are individually packaged in a colorful round matching and shock resistant tube and are shipped directly to the customer.


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