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Make a better computer case.

Modding is the act of modifying computer hardware, for aesthetical and functional purposes. Users can change the exterior by tweaking the case or engineer interior parts to improve components such as the cooling (These things get hot during a gaming all-nighter). In a way it can be compared with car tuning. Either way it results in often very unique and crazy looking designs.

Asus is already pushing towards this trend with “The ASUS 3D Printing Project”.  Owners who have 3D modeling skills can modify the appearance of their motherboard, they achieve this by sharing a series of .STL files in their forum where people can share their specific modifications.

We are also very enthusiastic on these first steps, and hope that more manufacturers will follow. Customization is key in the modding community. Think about a gaming pc with a fierce-looking case design, and a build-in case-fan for optimal cooling. We believe that computer hardware should not be tucked away under a table or hidden in a cabinet, but displayed for everyone to see.

So why not enable customization for everyone by using user-friendly configurators to create an original piece? We’re more than ready! Meanwhile our design studio worked on their own case. What do you think?

Case mod

Twikit Design Studio




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