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Makersleeve launches a line of beautifully designed sleeves

Makersleeve is the first sleeve for smart devices that can be made on demand, anywhere in the world, by anyone. Designed following the belief that no products should be mass produced, but created specifically for each customer in exactly the way you need it.

The objective is to produce fully customizable and flawless designs, and that is where Twikit comes in.

This shared philosophy enabled our collaboration, and by implementing the Twikit customization software they were able to create these beautiful designs.

Makersleeve selected 4 qualitative types of felt fabric to lasercut the sleeves from, two grey tones of recycled acrylic felt, and 2 classic colors of first class wool felt.  After filling in the dimensions of your device, our Twikit software makes it possible to also fully customize the size of the sleeve.


As of today it is possible to support and even pre-order your customized Makersleeve via the Kickstarter campaign. The campaign runs from October 8th until November 15th, so don’t wait to long to check it out!


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