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Mass Customization Monday #12

Once again this week we’ve scoured the internets for the most relevant and important mass customization news and present it here for you.

Coca Cola to Extend and Expand Share a Coke

Since 2011 Coca Cola has been offering one of the largest and most noticeable mass customization implementations with Share a Coke, which puts people’s first names on Coke bottles. The company will now extend their successful implementation to other Coke brands. The company will also add place names, surnames and have over 1000 personalized labels. People can also buy personalized Cokes directly from the company’s website. In the UK popular vacation destinations will be added to Share a Coke bottles. The program has been a huge success for Coca Cola leading to increased sales worldwide.


In the UK classic glass bottles and popular dream vacation destinations will be added.

With Share a Coke, Coca Cola made a global mass customization implementation that worked for them. The company was able to put the labels on millions of bottles in order to get consumers to notice the changes to the coke bottle in the aisle. People also felt a kinship and moment of recognition once they spotted their names or a friend’s name. Simultaneously this personalization also worked because of the printing equipment that could make it happen and there are not that many first names to begin with. These factors lead the brand to be able to roll this out globally. Has Coke owned the “your name on a package” space completely? Or will others copy the brand? Or will marketeers use the same technology to extend their brands to different niches? Could particular chips’ packages be optimized for different demographics as well? Or could we see lower volume packages emerge for many different brands?



Callaway Customs Expands Customized Golf Offerings

Callaways Customs has been offering customized golf gear for a while now. The company is extending its Customs range letting people decide on the colors, infill colors, texts of clubs and other gear.

callaway_customsCallaway Customs GBB Epic Drivers.

The customization program has been extended to more golf clubs and people have gotten more options as well.

With 3D printing one could make unique metal 3D printed golf clubs that could be specifically designed for one person’s stroke or style of play. One could have a club that was optimized to reduce slicing if this was your issue for example. Custom lengths are already available for clubs but wouldn’t a completely unique functionally customized golf club be much better? What if the company would set up a tool that would let you make completely customized golf grips made specifically for your hands?

YouthCorridor Offers Completely Customized Skin Care

Famous plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber is offering a completely customized skin care program. The program starts with a $750 consultation with him and then a five year long process of customizing skin care solutions for you along with repeated visits with his staff. “The service includes everything from budgeting and medical records to biological and lifestyle factors so that each patient has a tailored course of action.” The interesting approach here is that Dr. Imber essentially is branching out from plastic surgery to skin care and that he looks at skin health holistically.

“There’s a five-year plan where I’ll sit with the patient and say, “This is where you are now. This is what you can expect to happen over the next five years. This is how you can challenge it or live with it, but this is what’s going on.” The simplest thing may be some products or a skincare routine or they might need some injectables or a little tweak. I get them to ground zero, and then they have access to me all the time. They can call, they can text, they can drop in. They are our patient. Most of the time the treatments are done without me but if it’s with one of my estheticians, it is done exactly the way I prescribe them.”

The Doctor is also is offering an ongoing holistically updated way at looking at skincare which binds the patient to him. Many skincare solutions are now being used in conjunction with each other with customers buying into marketing claims and selecting many products that make up essentially a scattershot skincare regime. Companies are now looking at scanning, more medically footed and more holistic approaches to offer integrated skincare solutions. This may help people achieve healthier skin rather than just using products at random. For skincare companies such approaches would also let them sell more products to one customer and act as an advisor. We think that approaches such as Dr. Gerald Imber’s will find more customers and become much more popular.

My Esel Customized Wooden Bicycles

My Esel means my donkey in German, most of the frames are made of wood.

My Esel is an Austrian startup that makes mass customized wooden bicycles. The company uses algorithms to make unique bike geometries per rider so everyone has an optimum bicycle for their unique size. Custom frame sizes were available in bicycles for the last few decades already. But, by having optimized algorithms that improve the power distribution and position of the rider the company can with localized manufacturing and mass customization offer a unique solution that improves the bicycle for the individual rider. The company has no stock and manufactures on demand. What other applications could benefit from a similar approach?



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