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Meet the designer: Shari Supratno

Flawless design is something that Twikit has always seen as a priority. Talented and creative 3D designers are hard to find, but we are fortunate enough to have a couple of them sitting right here in our Antwerp office.

Shari Supratno is one of those lucky few that can do anything from photoshop, 3D modeling, sketching, to designing beautiful jewelry from scratch. Over the next few months, we’ll introduce some more of our great employees in our blog. But first up, our talented and (only) female designer: Shari Supratno.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? 

I grew up in Antwerp, Linkeroever and lived there my entire life. After high school I studied Product Development at Antwerp Artesis and specialized for 1 year at Hogeschool West in Kortrijk. During my last year of studies I applied at Twikit for my internship, where I also designed my very own line of jewelry for my thesis.

As a 3D designer, I can make a wide variety of products, but I personally love designing jewelry. I’ve also been working on my own collection of minimalistic jewelry during my spare time.

Headshot Twikit-016

Why did you choose for Twikit? 

I love that 3D customization can give a personal touch to a lot of different objects and products. I’ve always been very keen on personalizing my own things. I used to personalize my clothes and purses with badges, I bought Nike ID sneakers, at some point I even made my own Iphone covers.

Moreover I’ve chosen Twikit because it is a young and energetic company that focusses on innovation, where everyone can be theirselves and have all the creative freedom they want. I had a great time during my internship so it wasn’t a difficult decision when they offered me to stay.

Which design trend will be big in 2017? 

I think that activity watches will continue to be big in 2017, the problem is that but most them don’t have an attractive or elegant design. It would be cool to have a Fitbit that is fully customizable, this could transform activity watches into a new hype of jewelry next year.


How does a jewelry project usually progresses? 

Most of the time we are contacted by a jewelry brand that have a high interest in adding personalization to their offering. It also occurs that they already offer customization but they don’t have the configurator of software to sell their jewelry online.

They come to us with an idea or one specific piece of jewelry that needs customization. Or they they seek a new line of customized jewelry and we help them to design the pieces from scratch.

We start by giving our design input by making samples, then there follows a thorough iterative process (Is it printable, is the design okay, how is the finish..). We also create a visualization of how the website will look like and show this to the customer so they can provide feedback and suggestions.

When the final design is approved, we start creating 3D renders and integrate these into the website of the customer. This can be fully integrated into an existing website or we can provide a stand-alone platform, where a completely new website is build. For this process I work together with our development team, they are specialized in making top-notch configurators and online purchasing platforms.

We also provide an after-sale service when the website is already live and running. If there is better software available at a certain point that can improve processes and visualizations, we always try to implement this. If the customers would have any questions or problems, we also make sure that we help out as soon as possible.

Kopie van annezellien

Is the jewelry 3D printed? How does the process work? 

A lot of people think that it’s possible 3D print gold or silver jewelry. This exists, but then you would need a tray of golden or silver pallets and a special 3D printer. Which is expensive and difficult to get a hold of.

The most common process now is to print the jewels in wax, from where a mold is created. The gold or silver is poured into the mold, and then polished and refined. The end-result is a personal piece of jewelry.

Where do you find inspiration for your projects? 

I get inspired by the latest trends and I follow some lifestyle blogs and websites. Social media is also interesting because you can get a lot of inspiration from the style of influencers and bloggers. I also try to incorporate a part of my own style, which is minimalistic and simple. For me one simple necklace says it all, keep the rest or your outfit simple and let the personalized jewelry speak for itself.

I don’t often get inspired by people but by places. In Antwerp there is a good street style scene, but I also love the fashion of tropical regions or islands. You can’t wear heavy jewelry on the beach, there’s a laid back vibe and less is more. I guess my own style is Antwerp street style meets tropical island, haha.

What is your opinion on chokers? 

It’s a trend, and they will go away as soon as they came.

Final question. 2017:  gold or silver? 

That is very personal, but for me this is gold. In my opinion, gold or silver can completely define a person, it’s like your personality is resembled by this choice of jewelry. Imagine a person that always wears gold suddenly changes to silver, this is a big deal. So really, there is no definitive answer to this question.

Thank you Shari! 

Find more jewelry inspiration on our website. Big things are coming up in 2017, keep an eye on our blog for more jewelry updates.


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