Mass Customization in fashion

05 Apr 2017

At Twikit we have noticed over the past few months that there is building upswell of mass customization projects going on in the fashion world. The fashion and apparel industries have long tried to implement mass customization projects. These industries have understood that each of their customers have individual tastes and unique sizes and have

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Mass Customization Monday #8

03 Apr 2017

With Mass Customization Monday, the Twikit team sorts and sifts through all of the mass customization news to bring you the most relevant and interesting developments in mass customization.

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The Power of 3D Customization: Local Manufacturing

31 Mar 2017

Through using Digital Manufacturing in combination with Mass Customization and Intelligent Customization software companies can unlock what we call the Power of 3D Customization. One very clear advantage of 3D Customization is the ability for companies to switch to local production.

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Mass Customization Monday #7

27 Mar 2017
Image 3-27-17 at 11.14 AM

This Mass Customization Monday has been crafted for you by the Twikit team in order to bring you the most relevant mass custom news. 

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The Power of 3D Customization: Design Community

23 Mar 2017
Case mod

With Mass Customization design democratized, more people can make more things. They are able to work in new mediums and with new tools, to create unique products.

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Mass Customization Monday #6

20 Mar 2017

Yet another edition of Mass Customization Monday where the Twikit team sifts through all the mass customization news and selects the relevant stories for you.

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The Power of 3D Customization: Limited Editions

17 Mar 2017

“Possessing utility, commodities derive their exchangeable value from two sources: from their scarcity, and from the quantity of labour required to obtain them.

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Mass Customization Monday #5

13 Mar 2017

The Twikit team eats, sleeps and dreams mass customization and digital manufacturing. Mass Customization Monday is our attempt to sift through the noise and find you the signals.

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ACCENT launches a customizable 3D printed jewelry line in collaboration with Twikit.

10 Mar 2017

ACCENT, a California based lifestyle brand has partnered with Twikit to offer customized accessories. The brand founded by Nanci Bergman, is a platform that enables people (and pets!) to create one of a kind accessories. ACCENT allows for true expression from the heart that is as individual as a finger print.

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Mass Customization Monday #4

06 Mar 2017

Mass Customization Monday is a curated selection of the week’s important mass customization news by the Twikit team. We sift through the nonsense and bring you what is relevant in mass customization.

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