Mass Customization Monday #20

This week we’ve managed to once again find you the most interesting mass customization news.

26 Jun 2017

Digital Flat pack: Between A Lack and a Hard Place

Flat Pack furniture is a simple idea that has had wide ranging ramifications for our world. By designing furniture in such as way as to make it easy to ship, considerable costs are saved. Shipping from the manufacturing site to the retailer is much cheaper.

20 Jun 2017

Mass Customization Monday #19

We’ve once again dug and sorted our way through online news, papers and publications to find you the most relevant mass customization news.

19 Jun 2017

Design your dream car with 3D customization

Automotive and additive manufacturing has proven to be a dream marriage for some time now. Manufacturing car parts with customization technology is already booming, think about spare parts and car components. But why stop there?

14 Jun 2017

Mass Customization Monday #18

Armed with tweezers and a magnifying glass we have combed our way through the sea of bits and bytes to seek out and find for you the best mass customization news for this week. Customized Popsicles Janne with one of his custom popsicles. Janne Kyttanen is a real 3D printing pioneer. He started .MGX at

12 Jun 2017

Mass Customization Monday #17

This week the Twikit team also dug and sifted through the vastness of the internets to bring you nuggets of pure mass customization gold.

05 Jun 2017

Mass Customization Monday #16

Once again we have trawled the depths of the internet and skimmed the surface to bring you the most interesting and relevant mass customization news of the week.

29 May 2017

Mass Customization Monday #15

Yet another edition of Mass Customization Monday where we’ve searched high and low on the internets to find you the very best mass customization news.

22 May 2017

Have you seen our Drone?

At Twikit we’re continually exploring new technologies and applications to see what impact they will have on mass customization. One of the areas we’re most interested in is mass customization for consumer electronics and electronics.

19 May 2017

Mass Customization Monday #14

This Mass Customization Monday we once again have searched high low and far through the depths and peaks of the internet to bring you the best in mass customization news.

15 May 2017
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