The Power of 3D Customization – An Introduction

21 Feb 2017

3D Customization is when a customer designs, personalizes or customizes a product in 3D. Often the changes the customer makes to the product occur in real time and are immediately visible to the customer.

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Mass Customization Monday #2

20 Feb 2017

This is your weekly Mass Customization update from the Twikit team. We love everything individualized, personal and made for one. Every week we curate some of the most relevant, important and significant things going on in mass customization here in this post.

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What is mass customization anyway?

17 Feb 2017

Mass Customization is the cost effective manufacturing and delivery of goods and services to people according to their individual tastes, needs and desires.

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Baunat and Twikit: Customized Diamond Colliers from Antwerp’s Diamond district

14 Feb 2017

Antwerp’s Diamond District has over three thousand diamond cutters and merchants. This  neighborhood near Antwerp’s Central Station is truly the home of the diamond, and has been for hundreds of years. Here over 85% of the world’s diamonds are traded. Families have been in the business for generations. Deals are conducted solely on reputation and

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Mass Customization Monday #1

13 Feb 2017

Mass Customization Monday is your weekly news update on mass customization news. We at Twikit follow all the relevant articles, papers and developments in the mass custom world. We then filter out the most relevant news for you, in this curated recurring post. Follow us to keep up to date on all the major developments

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Conquering Germany: Meet our business developer Thomas Gottmann.

02 Feb 2017

Working on the intersect of design, business and technology is a great experience. Just ask our colleague Thomas Gottmann! Armed with a never ending curiosity and extreme motivation, he became the first non-belgian working here at Twikit. 

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Wanted: A 3D software developer to join the greatest Scrum-team in Antwerp and beyond!

24 Jan 2017

Great news! Twikit is looking for new talent to join our team. In case you haven’t hear from us before, we’re an Antwerp based company and what we do is pretty straightforward : we have built our own 3D engine, and are quickly developing a range of easy-to-use applications for that engine.

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BAUNAT & Twikit lets you personalize high-quality diamond necklaces.

20 Jan 2017
Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.11.02 AM

Diamonds are a girl best friend.. Especially when her name is written in the shiny and high-quality luxury stones. The Belgian company Baunat understands woman much longer than today and teamed up with Twikit for for their new line of personalized jewelry. 

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Spice up your sneakers with personalized shoe lace tags from Bl1ng.

12 Jan 2017

This week, Bentook launched their new jewelry concept Bl1ing. These are shoe lace tags or deubrés that can be placed on any type of sneakers.

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Our 2017 resolutions: pushing digital manufacturing to the next level.

05 Jan 2017

For Twikit, New year’s resolutions go so much further than going to the gym or quit fastfood. Our team has every intend to transform our resolutions into actions. Which automatically transforms these into predictions (are you still following?).

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