Let’s meet up at Baselworld 2016

15 Mar 2016
Twikit customization jewelry

The Twikit team is gearing up to go to Baselworld 2016 and we would love to meet you there! Learn more about online 3D customization for the jewelry industry and find out what it could mean for your business! Contact us if you’d like to meet up and learn more about our solution and its endless

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The first 3D printed personalized shaver with Twikit 3D customization technology

26 Jan 2016

Do you want to give shape to the future of shaving? Philips offers the unique opportunity to create a customizable shaver. The 3D printed version will be available in a limited edition of 125 items. Consumers will be able to choose their own shape, accessory, dimension and colors. As a finishing touch, you can also place

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Veritas Christmas Deco Tags

24 Nov 2015

The Veritas customizable Christmas collection is back! Just like last year the Belgian retail brand is offering a fun and unique way to make your own christmas decoration via 3D customization. You can choose between various colors and materials, cut out shapes and engravings. The tags can be used as christmas ornaments for putting in your tree, or as

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3D Trophy Factory lets you create 3D printed trophies and awards

29 May 2015
3D Trophy Factory - 3D print - unique is a new online platform to create and customize unique 3D printed trophies and awards. Users can make their own trophies based on easy-to-use interfaces and pre-defined design templates. The items will then be produced by high quality 3D printers. The trophies are delivered in 7 to 10 days. 3D Trophy Factory runs on Twikit technology and

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Veritas Valentine Customizer

04 Feb 2015

Veritas allows romantic souls to create a custom hearth (or other shapes) in different materials. Check to make your own. These products are supported by Twikit design and technology. New products will follow soon now! Stay tuned.

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3D Customization at Veritas

05 Dec 2014

Twikit and Belgian retail brand Veritas have joined forces to offer customers made-to-measure 3D products in a way you have never seen before. Veritas, Belgian retail chain with more than 100 branches, is known for its customizable accessories. Today, a whole new (and unique in Belgium) application is added. Veritas is offering a 3D customizer

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Belgian 3D company Twikit brings 3D customization to French retail

03 Dec 2014

French leading retail chain Auchan starts with the offering of a full range of 3D customizable products that customers can personalize in-store with easy-to-use applications. Twikit delivers the core 3D customization software and is also responsible for product design of the full portfolio. Production happens at 3D printing specialist Materialise, based in Belgium. These days, consumers are

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Introducing the world’s cutest 3D printed customizable lamps

17 Nov 2014
Mr Maria Nightlamps

Renowned Dutch design studio Mr Maria, known for their iconic Miffy XL lamp, and futuristic 3D company Twikit have joined hands to create a world-first, customizable lamp line-up. Originating straight from Mr Maria’s fairy tale world, these customizable lamps are perfect for children’s bedrooms or romantic giveaways. The process to make this happen was co-developed

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Twikit takes part in project Woopi

14 Nov 2014

Customizable 3D interactive hybrid toys? Yes Sir! Together with Studio 100, VRT, Cartamundi, iMinds and others, Twikit takes part in project Woopi to research and create toys of tomorrow. Check the video made by iMinds Media Innovation Center (MiX) for a little sneak peek.  

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DAMN meets Café Costume in 3D printed men’s accessories

07 Nov 2014
Café Costume - DAMN - Twikit - 3D Printed Men Accessories - Mauro

Twikit provided the necessary 3D customization technology to enable a cooperation between jewel designer/architect duo DAMN and Café Costume. As part of the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, they presented a customizable 3D printed collection of men’s accessories inspired by Kunstwerkstede De Coene.

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