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From customized furniture to room configurators – Mass Customization Monday #37

One area where mass customization configurators are really taking off is in construction. In buildings, architecture but especially in windows and doors mass customization is emerging as a tool to let people choose products that they want and need. Earlier we talked to you about 3D printing for construction and showcased our mass customized 3D door configurator. We also are seeing a lot of room configurators and customized interiors as well.

Furniture configurator

Australian platform HandKrafted connects consumers directly to artisans, designers and furniture makers to let them build custom furniture for you.

Does this mean that bespoke and build to order products are conquering the home design and interiors market? Not yet completely, but there is a wave building of online configurators and mass customization tools in both designing a home and outfitting it. These tools are being turned to for practical reasons.

Furniture configurators

room configurator

Venerable brand USM has configurators for its modular furniture and shelving solutions.

In doors and windows there are millions of possible combinations. In kitchens and couches every space is unique so unique furniture to match must or can be made. We increasingly see the furniture, homeware and interior industries turn towards mass customization because of practical reasons.

room configurator

room configuratorTuli is one of a host of lamp companies that have configurator tools to let you customize your lamps.

The body chair by BYYU has individually cut panels that are made to measure to your exact size. The company’s chaise lounge chair is meant to conform exactly to one wearer’s measurements so it is perfectly comfortable for that one someone.

room configurators


There are many online furniture start ups that let you customize your furniture through configurators. Indian startup Stichwood lets you determine the size, color and type of your furniture item through their online customization tools. Along with Stichwood, Furlenco and others we could count over half a dozen Indian furniture customization companies alone.

Growing in popularity:  The room configurator

room configurator

Online configurator tools are even more common in kitchens. Ikea has planning tools to plan your kitchen, desks, your home, dining chairs and lamps. These planning tools have been used so far by millions worldwide to order and plan unique kitchens.

room configuratorIdeal Standard is one of the bathroom companies also have their own bathroom planning tools which let you configure your bathroom online.


room configuratorDoorview even lets you visualize and configure a custom garage door.

room configuratorOPUN planner is offering a free online room configurator and room planners through various business models. OPUN connects you to homebuilders and installers and gets a cut from an awarded contract.

room configuratorLithuanian company 5DPlanner focuses on in app purchases of their application and partnerships with furniture companies.

With so many online planner tools in existence and available for free there is clearly a need for this type of application. This begs the question, is there a winner takes all market for home planners? Is one tool going to be easier to use and demonstrably better than all the others? Want a good discussion on the future of online product configurators? Contact us.

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