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Text Jewelry – Beyond the Carrie Necklace

When Sex and the City first aired in 1998 , Sarah Jessica Parker’s character stood out because of her impeccable sense of style and her unique personality. One item that lasts throughout all 6 seasons and that made women green with envy : The Carrie Necklace.

The popularity of text jewelry can be traced back to the Hip hop scene in the 80’s, where artists such as Slick Rick and Run DMC introduced the Bling Bling culture and customized jewelry.

The Carrie Necklace and Hip Hop Jewelry are some examples of how popular culture has influenced the rise of customized jewelry. Unfortunately, during that time, text jewelry wasn’t always accessible for everyone. Until a few years ago it was not that easy to get your hands on your own pair of personalized jewelry. It often required you to go to a specialized jeweler that could craft your own text jewelry by hand.

Then 3D printing was introduced, and the possibilities for customized jewelry were endless.

Ever since the early beginning of Twikit there has always been a big focus on customized jewelry and this has continued ever since. Our first project with Anne Zellien, a jewelry designer from Antwerp, resulted in personalized necklaces that are inspired by the classic text necklaces. Having your own unique piece of text jewelry has never been easier. We took it to the next level with Ambretine, that specializes in silver lace jewelry with a high focus on detail.


Other projects like J3w3L by Bentook and Heart To Get jewelry increased our know-how on customized and text jewels.

But text jewelry is more than women’s fashion alone, as was proven by our collaboration with Cafe Costume. Cafe Costume is the reference for tailer-made suits and men’s accessories in Belgium. Together with them we embarked on creating personalized cufflinks, the next step in men’s accessories.

Café Costume - DAMN - Twikit - 3D Printed Men Accessories - Mauro

Our story on customized jewelry isn’t over yet, make sure you keep an eye on our website for future projects.


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