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Wanted: A 3D software developer to join the greatest Scrum-team in Antwerp and beyond!

Great news! Twikit is looking for new talent to join our team. In case you haven’t hear from us before, we’re an Antwerp based company and what we do is pretty straightforward : we have built our own 3D engine, and are quickly developing a range of easy-to-use applications for that engine. That way, everyday people and brands can create unique 3D objects, without actually having to master the complex skills or software that is usually needed.

Why would you choose for Twikit? Well first of all, our team is a crazy bunch of young and hardworking people, with a good sense of humor and that are passionate about their work. “Work hard play hard” is a terribly lame expression (we know) but this certainly applies here.



What can we offer you? 

You will start in a scrum team of 4 + you, where you will have a lot of freedom and responsibility. You can help to give shape to our vision on software, by suggesting improvements, new features,… This will raise the quality level of our product technically as well as functionally.

Required skills:

– Good understanding of C++

– General object oriented programming skills

– Knowledge of geometry processing, 3D modeling

Skills that are nice to have: 

– Knowledge of shading and rendering techniques: post processing, shadow mapping, global illumination, …

– Bash / unix skills

– Understanding of WebAssembly and JavaScript

– Experience with Three.js, WebGL, or similar

– Experience with 3D models & 3D meshes

Extremely silly and non-required skills: 

– You just can’t get enough of lame jokes. If you’re lucky enough you can even win our Lame-Joke-A-Meleon, our internal award. (We also don’t mind if you can actually think of some decent jokes, we can use some variation)

– You have a secret love for “borrelnootjes”, and you don’t mind eating this crunchy form of nutrition before 12:00.

– You love to talk, complain or analyse about a certain online game you were playing the night before.

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 3.23.12 PM

Honestly we are very open-minded and welcome any type of person in our team, even the ones that don’t like eating junkfood before 12:00.  So don’t hesitate to contact us or come by for a coffee or a talk. And oh yes, we have actual good coffee, none of that instant-coffee nonsens ;). Hope to hear from you soon!



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